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Wooden Structure
  • Can I do part of the project myself?
    Of course! It’s very rewarding to make something with your own two hands and we like to help people find the same joy we feel everyday by making something yourself. RESCUED WOOD REHAB is happy to help you in any way we can to make your vision a reality. We can help you find the right wood for your project and send you off to play with some power tools or we can get the project started for you and set you up for success as you complete the project with your own style and set of skills. Services include (but not limited to) Planing Jointing Gluing Sanding (orbital or drum sander) Cutting /Sizing
  • Do you offer classes?
    The simple answer is no. We just don’t have the space. However if you have questions or need some advice we are happy to talk though a design or building process with you and get you moving in the right direction.
  • Is Bud here?
    I know I already answered this question, but it’s amazing how many people want to say Hi to Bud. It’s best to bring BACON!
  • Are you guys always this much fun?
    Yep. We are always having a good time making sawdust and talking about new and exciting projects. Stop in and share a laugh with us.
  • How does it work here?
    Most people that come into our shop are curious of what we do. What we do is make custom projects out of wood and help others do the same. Looking for a custom piece, or have a crazy idea in mind? We will usually start by asking you the function of your project and its intended use. We can then look at lumber and slabs in our showroom to find the right piece or species for your project. Then we discuss options and come up with a plan.
  • How long have you been open?
    Rescued WOOD Rehab opened in October of 2019 as the vision of Marty Woodward and Bud the Shop Dog. We may not be what you expect when you visit a local woodworking shop? Here you will experience the smell of the woodshop, the welcoming atmosphere, and creative items ready to take home.
  • Do you offer anything besides wood?
    We have all the supplies you need for your project in our store. We offer epoxy (and colorant), specialty glues, a wide variety of finishes and stains from General Finishes, metal legs of all styles and sizes, sandpaper, brushes, and many different shelf brackets and more….
  • Where’s Bud?
    Bud is our sweet shop dog that loves treats! He works when he feels like it, like we all wish we could. Every morning Bud is asked if he wants to go to work, some days he jumps up ready to greet customers, other days he rolls his eyes and goes back to sleep.
  • Can I bring wood in to have something made from it?
    Yep. Tell us what you want to make and we’ll figure out how much of your wood we need.
  • Are there any finished products that I could see/feel?
    Absolutely. In our retail space we have a showroom of finished products ranging from all different types of tables, home furnishings and décor, kitchen items, custom signs, and whatever else our energetic staff of woodworkers can think up. In addition to our showroom floor you can find tons of pictures of past projects (and Bud) on our social media sites that may inspire your own design.
  • My child would like to make something out of wood, can you help?
    You bet we can! We love to encourage the next generation of woodworkers and offer free wood for kids from our “dollar bin” Bring them in and we will help them get started making their project. Don’t forget the safety glasses!
  • Can you engrave a sign for me?
    We sure can. We have a laser engraver onsite that will allow us to engrave anything from words to drawings & photos. The laser engraver works in black and white (the wood color) that’s really its only limitation. We can even take a photo of your handwritten words to engrave, or grandma’s secret recipe engraved on a cutting board. We also have access to CNC machines that can create all kinds of cutouts and relief carvings and we can even fill it with a colored epoxy. Have a crazy idea, come in and let’s make it happen!
  • Do you make anything here?
    Yep! We make almost every project in-house. RESCUED WOOD REHAB has all the tools and more importantly the talented craftsmen (craftswomen) to make just what you are looking for.
  • Do I have to buy the whole piece?
    That depends on the piece. The lumber we have in stock we will cut for you (usually at no charge) as long as there is enough left to be marketable. Our exotic lumber we can cut to whatever size you want. Our live edge slabs and mantels you are usually going to have to buy the whole slab. We will however, offer you ideas on what to do with any cut-offs (like floating shelves).
  • How often do you get new inventory?
    All the time. Our inventory is constantly changing. Don’t see the right piece for you project, just check back or tell us just what you’re looking for, we can find it. If you do see a piece that you love make sure and get it! No two pieces of wood are the same and if you like it chances are someone else will too.
  • I just had a tree come down can you make something from it?
    Yes, however…. Once a tree comes down there are several steps to making the wood usable for projects. The wood needs to be milled and properly dried, either air dried for about 1 year or kiln dried to a stable moisture content. We do not offer these services but can point you in the direction of folks that do.
  • How much is “this piece of wood”?
    Board footage is calculated by multiplying Thickness X Width X Length in inches and dividing by 12. This formula gives you the board footage. That number is then multiplied by the board footage price. Current board footage prices are listed in the store. One board foot is 1 X 12 X 12” or 1” thick X 12” wide X 12” long. For example a 1x6x96 = 4 board feet. Our live edge slabs and mantels are all marked with a specific price in chalk on the board.
  • It smells amazing in here.
    No, this isn’t a question, but we hear this all the time and you’ll say it too when you walk into the shop!
  • How long does it take to finish a project?
    A project timeline depends on the project. Smaller projects can often be completed in less than a week. Larger projects, like a dining table could take 4-6 weeks to complete.
  • How expensive is it to have a custom piece made?
    All of our work is one-of-a-kind, as such each project is priced according to the scope of work and material cost. We can discuss a project with you and give you a price pretty quickly. Surprisingly our prices are just about the same as you would pay at any quality furniture store. Obviously we can’t come close to what you’d pay for manufactured particle board, but if you are coming to see RESCUED WOOD REHAB you are looking for quality, durability, and maybe a little WOW factor. The best answer to this question is to come see us. We can discuss options and get you a price for just what you want, you don’t have to compromise or settle at RESCUED WOOD REHAB.
  • Do you make epoxy/river tables?
    You bet we do, and we do it a lot. The incorporation of epoxy has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in the building process. Not only do we use it regularly we also have all the materials to help you try it out for yourself.
  • Where does your wood come from?
    We have many trusted sources for our lumber and live edge slabs. A lot of the live edge slabs come out of the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. These slabs are milled as a result of trees that came down because of construction and storms. Our barn wood comes from old NC barns that are carefully disassembled in order to preserve as much useable material as possible, including siding, framing, and main support beams. We also keep a large selection of traditional lumber milled and graded for woodworking projects. RESCUED WOOD REHAB also carries exotic lumber for our more discerning woodworking community. Our FAMOUS $20 bin is full of awesome lumber cut-offs from a local furniture manufacturer and are great for a wide array of projects.
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